Welcome! People have dreamed of flight for millennia and achieved it within the last century. If you dream of aviation, we would love to help you realize your dream of flight with our instructor and planes.

Besides being a Distinguished Flight Instructor (awarded by AOPA), Peg Ballou is an FAA Safety Team volunteer, presenting safety seminars locally and at AirVenture in Oshkosh since 2010.  She was the Cleveland office FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year 2018.

Peg is a multi-year AOPA Distinguished Instructor Award winner, based on customer satisfaction reviews from previous students, 2017 through 2023.

Peg has been involved with EAA giving Young Eagles flights, and is an Airport Support Network volunteer with AOPA, as well as a member of flight instructor professional trade organizations NAFI, and The Ninety-Nines (International Organization of Women Pilots) and Women in Aviation.

Peyton C earned his Private Pilot certificate 6-22-23, Ohio’s newest pilot!
Sam C recently earned his Private Pilot Certificate as the first step to becoming an airline pilot.
Lindsey, shown here with Designated Pilot Examiner Brad Newman, earned her Private Pilot certificate on May 6, 2023!
Tristan earned his Private Pilot Certificate April 27th of 2023. Although weather this winter kept him from completing it as early as he would have liked, he persevered and is now one of the few who has a pilot certificate.
HARRY’S First solo and tail cutting 2/20/2023

The first solo is a celebration! For the first time, a student pilot flies alone. We ceremonially “cut the apron strings” by cutting the shirt tails of the pilot. This fun tradition dates back to the days when a student pilot couldn’t see the instructor in the rear tandem seat, so received instructions through tugs on the shirt. These are decorated by the instructor and displayed in the airport office, and returned once the private pilot rating is earned.

Chad earned his Private, Instrument and commercial ratings at Ballou Skies. He moved away but continued on to earn his multiengine rating 2023. Shown here with Designated Pilot Examiner Stuart Cory.
Rob earned his Private Pilot certificate at Ballou Skies, purchased a Cirrus and continued on to his instrument rating.
Brad earned Private, Instrument and Commercial ratings at Ballou Skies, then continued elsewhere for multiengine and instructor ratings. He currently teaches in Texas. He earned this leather jacket through a challenge to visit every public use airport in Ohio.

Upon reaching the Private Pilot milestone,

One student said:

I’m still glowing; I can’t stop dream of all the cool places I can fly to and explore! I can fly 250nm away to a North Carolina airport and go hiking on the Appalachian trail!!!… Since the day I had my first Eagle Flight I have been dreaming about when I can give EAA Eagle and Young Eagle flights🤗.  If I can help one person who never thought aviation could be a possibility for them discover that they can do this and can be good at it, my journey will have been entirely worth it.  The possibilities to do things are endless; my EAA Eagle pilot helped fly rescue shelter dogs to their new forever homes🐶.  Metaphorically my leash has been removed and I can freely explore ✈️.  Again, sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Many other students have passed through Ballou Skies facilities, including some into college programs, and some on to the airlines. Let us help you along the path you want to travel. Contact Peg today to discuss how to begin.

James Ballou (Yes, same last name) flies for Spirit Airlines. He earned his Private Pilot certificate at Ballou Skies, then additional ratings at various schools.
Caleb earned his Private Pilot certificate in time for Fall semester at Bowling Green State University where he is studying aviation with a view to heading to the airlines.

Sam B. earned his private Pilot certificate in March of 2018.

Sam S. earned his Private Pilot certificate in February 2018 at age 17. He is now studying at Ohio State University.


Ruth soloed June 16th, 2018. Ruth was the only student I have had who had a “stowaway” on board- twice – Sons Benjamin and Andrew, born long after the solo.

Eric (below) soloed in June 2018 AND scored an amazing 100% on his private pilot written test! He is a dedicated pilot with instrument and commercial ratings. He has since achieved the multi-engine add-on AND rotor (helicopter) ratings.  


And many more…

Captain Lisa


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